Wednesday, 11 September 2019

How Much Sleep Do You Need?: 5 Considerations

There are so many factors, to consider, when trying to determine, the best approach, and your personal needs, to live, a happier, healthier lives, and existence! One, which is often, overlooked, and we pay, far too little attention to, is the quality, and quantity of our sleep. While, it's true, different people, need different amounts of sleep, each of us has, certain, specific needs, and necessities! While medical books, and certain health practitioners, state specific requirements/ needs, based on age, and overall health, and other factors, it is important, we each make the decision, for ourselves, based on what makes us feel better/ best. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 considerations, for determining this, on an individual basis.
1. Individual needs: How much sleep, might be optimum, is large individual, in nature! How many hours is realistic for you? When do you get tired, at night? How early do you wake up? When do you need, to awake, because of job and/ or other obligations? Are you tired, at any time of day, with the amount you presently get? Do you sometimes, nap, during the day?
2. When you must arise: What time, do you need, to get up, in the morning? Would it be realistic to stream - line, your daily/ morning routine? How long is your morning commute? Would you be better off, relocating, if the commute, is extremely long, and stressful?
3. Lifestyle: Based on one's lifestyle, there may be different sleep needs, and requirements! What is your routine, and does it serve you, well? Are you happy, and relatively, stress - free, with your present existence?
4. Age - related: As we age, our sleep requirements may, differ, significantly! Obviously, infants require more sleep than people, in the twenties. Teenagers may go to sleep, later, and awake, later? During college years, many individuals, seem to need, fewer hours. As we get older, most people, although they might want more rest, sleeping is often, challenging, based on other needs, such as more frequent bathroom visits, other aches and pains, etc.
5. How do you feel? The bottom - line, when it comes to this bodily function, is, how do you presently feel? Are you tired, often? Are other areas of your lifestyle, healthy, such as your diet and exercise, medications (including supplements, etc)? What might you be willing to change, and why?
Don't ignore your sleep - requirements, because they do, affect your health! Do all you can, to optimize your personal health, happiness, and well - being!
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