Sunday, 19 January 2020

I Subscribed to Noom....Watch my Journey......

Today I start the Noom Healthy Coach challenge APP for only $1 OMG!!! Would you like to join me.... NOOM

Watch my Journey as I go.....

Now some of you are wondering ..... but what is noom???

Check out this video >>>>>


What Exactly did I ate?

Breakfast: 1/2 cup Yogurt  (50cal)

Morning snack: 1xApple (98cal)

Lunch:  1xCup Beef veg stir Fry (340 cal)
             Noodles 1/4cup (55cal)
             plus stir Fry sauce (20cal)

Dinner:  Boiled carrot 1/4 cup (14cal)
              Boiled Potatoes 1/4 cup (30cal)
              Minced Beef 1/2 (176cal)

I didn't go hungry and the APP is awesome.....

Check back tomorrow on my DAY 2 Journey

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