Monday, 20 January 2020

I Subscribed to Noom....Watch my Journey......#Day 2

#DAY 2

Day 2 at NOOM , this is so exciting, I'm eating food that is already in my house. Yes I know not everybody have the same food in there house but you can eat what you have, simple log what you eat and track that you do not eat to much of the red food.  I will tell you more about the different colors of the different foods.   This App helps me to think ...think and think. It automatically track my steps and it reminds me to log my food.

Noom Healthy Coach challenge APP for only $1 OMG!!! Would you like to join me.... NOOM

Watch my Journey as I go.....

Now some of you are wondering ..... but what is noom???

Check out this video >>>>>


What Exactly did I ate?

Breakfast:          1xTomato (22cal)
                          2xProvita Wholewheat Crispbread (44cal)
                          Coffee with Milk and Sugar

Morning snack: Coffee with Milk and Sugar mmmmmm
                           Not cutting my sugar and milk
                          And a nice piece of fruit cake

Lunch:               Mango (101Cal)
                          Mayo (102Cal)
                         1/2 Cucumbers (24cal)
                         1/2 cup Chopped Lettuce
                         1xTomato (22cal)
                         1xHandful crumbled feta Cheese (99cal)

Dinner:  3xSmall Cheese Pie's (564cal)

I just LOVE my Pie's and cannot go without it

My normal steps for the day was 3725 so my goal for today was 2000 steps, I have reach my goal with flying wings, so tomorrow the app will add 300 steps exstra that is just great and no problem for me to achieve.

I didn't go hungry and the APP is awesome.....

Check back tomorrow on my DAY 3 Journey and I will check my weight on the scale and share....

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