Tuesday, 21 January 2020

I Subscribed to Noom....Watch my Journey......#Day 3

#DAY 3

What can I say, this is definitely a learning school for me as well.  So at my day 2 I was very impressed with myself because I did well with my food and stay under my 1200cal for the the, but the this morning I weight myself and found that I did not loose any weight for the day. I took a look at what I ate at day 2 and realize I did not ate any yellow food and I went over my daily red colour foods.

Every single person is different in age,size and length so every person get a different total cal for the day. 

Noom Healthy Coach challenge APP for only $1 OMG!!! Would you like to join me.... NOOM

Watch my Journey as I go.....

Now some of you are wondering ..... but what is noom???

Today after  I sow this I realize what my mistake was so I did day 3 just right

What Exactly did I ate?

Breakfast:     Coffee with milk and sugar
                       Chedder Cheese   

Morning snack: 2x Raw Carrot
                             Coffee with milk and sugar

Lunch:  Boiled egg
              Cucumbers and 1x Tomato

After noon Snack:   1X Gala Apple

Dinner:  Yummy Crumbed Fish
              Cucumbers,Lettuce and 1xTomato

I didn't go hungry and the APP is awesome.....

Check back tomorrow on my DAY 4 Journey

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