Friday, 24 January 2020

I Subscribed to Noom....Watch my Journey......#DAY 6


WOW this morning when I got on my  scale I was 1kg (2.2pounds) down!!!  This pass days I've learn a lot 
and Love sharing it with you.  With other weight loss programs they tell you what to eat, with noom you tell the app what you are eating.  My 9year old daughter ask me when I make food to eat ....Did the APP said mommy should eat this or that, so I told he NO NO mommy is telling the APP what I'm eating. She was very pressed and start asking questions about the different food colors.  THe App is so easy to use my 9 year old daughter can use it.  I will share a sneak peak of  the awesome portion size guide, check it out down below .......

Noom Healthy Coach challenge APP for only $1 OMG!!! Would you like to join me.... NOOM

Watch my Journey as I go.....

Now some of you are wondering ..... but what is noom???


What Exactly did I ate?

Breakfast: 2x Boiled eggs
                   Coffee with milk and sugar

Morning snack: 1xBanana
                             1x cup joghurt

Lunch:  2xBrown Low GI  bread
              2x boiled eggs
              1xLettuce and Cucumbers

Afternoon Snack: 1xPeach

Dinner:  Beef Bone soup 1cup
                Carrots and patatoes in the soup
               2x Brown bread low GI with butter

All of this food and I did go over my calories by 13cal by good new is ,it is my green food's cal that is over, let hold thumbs for me when I weight myself.

I didn't go hungry and the APP is awesome.....

Check back tomorrow on my DAY 7 Journey

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