Monday, 27 January 2020

I Subscribed to Noom....Watch my Journey......#DAY 7


This morning my kids ask if they can have "Bear porridge" they call it that since they was little kids.  The real name of the porridge is called Taystee wheat....Surprise I found that this porridge is not on the noom app. No problem you just add it....The APP ask you some questions but don't worry  all the answers is on the box.    

Noom Healthy Coach challenge APP for only $1 OMG!!! Would you like to join me.... NOOM

Watch my Journey as I go.....

Now some of you are wondering ..... but what is noom???


What Exactly did I ate?

Breakfast: Taystee wheat (67cal) with naturally my cup of coffee with milk

Morning snack: 1xApple (98cal)

Lunch: 2xChicken drumstick and deep fried chips

Dinner:  1xBoiled egg
               Cucumbers,Lettuce and 1xtomato

I didn't go hungry and the APP is awesome.....

Check back tomorrow on my DAY 8 Journey

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